3 Drain Cleaning Myths Busted

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Plumbing is among America’s oldest and most specialized professions. As such, it’s natural that some misconceptions still exist in today’s modern era. Inexperienced homeowners have always tried to deal with plumbing problems for decades, but these attempts cause more damage to your plumbing system if you are not well-trained and equipped to address the issues.

A.M. Plumbing & Rooter, your trusted plumber in Lake Elsinore, CA, debunks three drain cleaning myths you might have heard about:

1.  Drain Cleaning Chemicals Are the Best Way to Eliminate Clogs

Most people say that drain cleaning chemicals are effective at clearing a clogged drain. However, it’s quite the opposite. Some drain cleaning chemicals are detrimental to your health and accelerate the corrosion process in many plumbing pipes.

Despite what the label tells you, these chemicals will eat your pipes inside out. It’s a waste of resources and too dangerous to have them in your home.

2.  DIY Drain Cleaning Is a Cheaper Alternative

Most people think drain cleaning in Lake Elsinore, CA is a simple task. Sure, a plunger becomes all you need to clear a clog but not in every situation. Your home’s drainage system is a complex network of water pipes, fittings, and drains that work in harmony to keep your home comfortable and clean. Thus, even a small leak is not as simple as you think.

While having a tool doesn’t mean you have the expertise needed to handle a problem, improper use of chemicals and tools can cause more damage to your plumbing system. Be sure you allow professionals from a reputable drain cleaning company to clean your drainage system occasionally.

3.  A Slow-Flowing Drain Is Not a Big Problem

A slow drain still works. If you are in this train of thought, you will jump off quickly when water floods your bathroom and other parts of your home. You cannot endure a slow drain without any consequences. Even if your drain is still working, seek professional drain cleaning services to have it fixed right away.

The root cause of the problem might be more extensive than you think, and waiting until a later date could worsen the situation. Your drainage system requires regular maintenance, and dealing with a slow-flowing drain is no exemption. To avoid any plumbing emergency, allow experts to occasionally perform drain snaking and other maintenance services to your plumbing system.

Need a professional plumber in Lake Elsinore, CA? Reach out to A.M Plumbing & Rooter. Our competent technicians will provide the best plumbing services that will ensure your drainage system gets back in tip-top shape within a short time. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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