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Broken Sewer Line Repair in Lake Elsinore, CA, and Nearby Areas

Broken Sewer Line RepairOver the last 14 years, our team at A.M. Plumbing & Rooter has seen everything imaginable that can be stuck or jammed in residential sewer systems. One of the most common problems, we run into as service plumbers in the city of Lake Elsinore, CA area is clogged drains. One of the most common clogged drains within the home is the main sewer line.

We understand that not all homes in Lake Elsinore are brand new, some of these historical and nostalgic properties date back to the early 1900s. As you can guess some major issues are due to broken, unmaintained, and outdated sewer lines. This is a fairly common problem across the country, not just in Lake Elsinore.

Common Causes of Pipe Clogs or Breaks

Most of the main sewer lines in Lake Elsinore, CA, and the surrounding areas are made with ABS pipe (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) which isn’t typically known for breaking or cracking due to it being hard plastic material and in some cases, Orangeburg which is tar paper pipe that is highly uncommon and extremely fragile. What we have been running into is the ABS pipe being made out of thinner plastic. Just the other day, our team came across a residential sewer line that was ABS all the way out to the city lateral and was completely smashed due to a tree roots system completely destroying the sewer lines. Yikes!

At A.M. Plumbing & Rooter, we know being a homeowner can have its ups and downs but no need to worry because our team always has the right fix. If you have trees on your property, there is always the risk of getting tree roots into the sewer lines, in multiple different areas of the line. One of the most common solutions to tree root invasion would be to dig up the line. This usually raises several concerns about the damage this process will cause to your Lake Elsinore property. We can assure you there is no need to worry because our team has lasting solutions that do not cause any damage to your property.

Our No-Dig Solution to Pipe Damage due to Clogs and Broken Lines

As the leading plumbing company in Lake Elsinore, CA, and nearby areas, we are always looking at how to upgrade and modernize our way of living. Well, that holds true to the plumbing world as well. Trenchless technology is a leading method of pipe repair that is always eco-friendly and non-invasive. Trenchless pipe repair, also known as trenchless pipe lining, allows our team to restore your sewer and drain pipes through one single access point.

So, how do you fix a 30 ft long and 3 ft deep area that spans a good portion of your front yard?

Step 1: Prep Your Sewer Line

We send a special, hose into your pipes, known as a jetter. Through the hose, we release high-pressure water to remove and blast out any and all foreign objects from the line. Once this is done, all debris will be removed from your pipeline and the interior will be ready for lining.

Step 2: Measure the Liner

Next, our team will cut and measure out a felt liner the length of the section of your pipe that needs repair. Once we have our measurements, we completely soak the felt material with a special epoxy resin.

Step 3: Line the Interior of Your Pipes

Once the liner material is soaked with epoxy it can be inserted into the pipeline. The felt liner, also known as the Perma liner, is sent in inverted into the sewer line, so all the epoxy that was on the inside of the Perma liner tube is now on the outside and against the old pipe.

Step 4: Create a Brand-New Pipe inside Your Existing One

Once the Perma liner material is in the main sewer line, the curing process starts to take place. In order to create the new pipe inside of your existing one, we quickly fill the felt liner with air. This forces the Perma line to take the shape of the old sewer line minus any of the damage. After about four hours, we remove the air from the cal tube and pull it completely out of the sewer system.

Choose A.M. Plumbing & Rooter for All of Your Sewer Repair Needs!

Trenchless sewer repair solves your clogged or broken pipes while keeping your yard intact and prevents future backups or cracks from occurring within your pipes. We are proud to offer trenchless pipe lining because it completely fixes all problems the old sewer system has.

Out of all the sewer repair options available to homeowners, this is definitely the most cost-effective way to do it with the least possible amount of destruction to your home. Trenchless sewer repair also allows you to use your pipes immediately after use with peace of mind as you look out onto your still beautiful and intact lawn! The amount of money you are saving on your landscaping alone is well worth it. Contact our team to schedule an appointment with A.M. Plumbing & Rooter today!

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