Low Water Pressure After Plumbing Repairs: What to Do

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You just had a plumber fix a leaky faucet or repair a burst pipe, feeling relieved to have the issue resolved. But then you turn on the tap and… a trickle. Low water pressure after plumbing repairs can be frustrating, especially when you are expecting things to be back to normal. Don’t panic! A.M. Plumbing & Rooter shares a breakdown of what might be causing the problem and what you can do about it.

Check the Shut-Off Valves

Shut-off valves control the water flow into your home (main shut-off valve) and to individual fixtures (like the one under your sink). Your plumber will turn off the water before starting repairs, especially in case of emergency plumbing situations, to isolate the area being worked on.

If you’re dealing with low water pressure after the repairs, the valves may not have been fully opened after the job was completed. For the main valve, turn the handle counterclockwise until it stops; for individual fixture valves, the handle position will vary, but it’s usually parallel to the pipe when open.

Consider Air in the Pipes

When a plumbing system is drained to make repairs, air can get trapped in the lines, creating an airlock that restricts water flow. This is a common issue after plumbing services that involve opening up pipes, like replacing sections or installing new fixtures. You can fix this by opening all the taps in your house, starting with the lowest one and working your way up. Leave them open for a few minutes until the water flows smoothly, then close them.

Check for Debris

If the plumber was working on your pipes, there’s a chance that debris (like pieces of pipe or sediment) got dislodged and is now clogging up your fixtures. To check for this, twist off the aerator at the end of your faucet and rinse it out with water. If you see any buildup, clean it thoroughly and then screw the aerator back on. This should restore water flow.

Call the Plumber Back

If you’ve checked all the above and your water pressure remains low, it’s time to contact your plumbing company. There could be an underlying issue they might have missed, or something related to the repairs themselves might need further attention. Don’t hesitate to explain the situation and ask them to investigate.

Need a reliable plumber in Lake Elsinore, CA to address your plumbing concerns? A.M. Plumbing & Rooter provides top-quality solutions to keep your home running smoothly. Contact us today or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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