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As a homeowner, one of the scariest feelings in the world is when you find out that your main sewer line has completely failed. Let's be honest: no Lake Elsinore, CA homeowner wants a plumber to tell them that their mainline needs to be completely replaced. What's even worse is when they tell you that your front lawn is going to be dug up, damaging your landscape and leaving you with costly damage. Unfortunately, as service plumbers, our team at A.M. Plumbing has had to give this type of news to a homeowner, and it's never a fun task. However, what if you could get little hints before you have to replace your sewer system?

Common Symptoms Your Pipes are in Danger of Failing

Believe it or not, your main sewer system does talk to you and our team makes it a priority to help you stay proactive about the health of your sewer lines. If you know what to listen and look out for you can prolong having to replace your sewer system and contact a professional as soon as plumbing problems arise. Just like everything in life, there are always signs that present themselves before your pipes completely collapse, break, or fail. Here are some of the most common symptoms your Lake Elsinore, CA pipes may experience.

Slow Drains

This is probably going to be the easiest to spot. Slow draining water or slow draining toilets are a telltale sign that something isn’t right within your pipes. As the top plumbing company in Lake Elsinore, CA, and surrounding areas, we often note that drain systems don’t start draining slow for no reason. Oftentimes, there is a larger problem within your pipe that is not clear from an exterior view. There is always a reason why your drains have started to act this way.

Water on the Floor in Unexpected Areas

Unless you have recently decided to install a small swimming pool on your Lake Elsinore, CA property there shouldn’t be any water pooling on the interior or exterior of your property. Excess water or flooding is a definite sign that something isn’t right with your drain system. Most of the time this is a symptom that you will run across before something major happens.

Sewage in the Yard

If you start seeing raw sewage in your front yard or it's starting to come out of your main line cleanout, there is a problem. Your mainline is the heart of your sewer system because everything ends up in your mainline. Everything will pass through your mainline as it goes out to the city sewer or your septic tank.

Odd Sounds Coming from Your Drains

If your toilet or sink starts talking to you on a regular basis when you use a drain in your home. Unusual sounds coming from your pipes are a sure sign that your pipes need to be assessed. What that means is your drain system is blocked and in the near future you can anticipate a complete clog coming on.

Mold or Black Spots in Your Drywall

If you start noticing mold or black spots on your walls or ceilings, this means you have water in your wall that shouldn’t be there. Mold doesn’t grow overnight, it takes some time for this to happen. Mold is never a good sign, it means you have waited for way too long to take care of this problem.

What Causes These Problems?

Most of the time it's too much build-up inside of your Lake Elsinore, CA line. Everything that is flushed or washed down your pipes will eventually start to stick to the sides of your sewer pipe.  At this point, it will be the easiest to fix. A simple cable or jetter will take care of this problem. Now say you ignored it and let it go on for some time. What happens over time is that build-up will harden and it will be next to impossible to clean properly. In addition, if this build-up is left in cast iron or abs it will start to harden, cracking the pipe and creating permanent damage. When cracks are not repaired, they turn into holes and collapsed main lines. When this happens, get in touch with A.M. Plumbing & Rooter.

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The most important investment is to make sure their plumbing is sound. Main lines and drain systems are easily forgotten because they are out of sight. Let's be honest here, no one goes home and wonders how their mainline is doing today. Check your sewer systems on a regular basis because it can definitely prolong the life span of your sewer system, contact us today!

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