Tips on Keeping Hair from Clogging Your Drains

hair buildup on drains

Hair is a notorious culprit for drain clogging. Most people ignore it since they think the strands are too thin to cause any damage. However, when the hair finds other sticky matter trapped in your drains, it latches onto it and piles up until it blocks water passage. A.M. Plumbing & Rooter shares the following tips to prevent getting a clogged drain due to hair buildup.

Brush Your Hair Before Showering

Before getting into the shower, ensure you brush your hair to remove loose strands. Pick the hair strands and dispose of them in the trash bin. When you wash and shampoo your hair and get some more loose strands, pick them up, place them somewhere safe, and remember to throw them out once you get out of the shower. If you end up with drain clogs, don’t hesitate to contact a reputable drain cleaning company.

Install a Mesh Drain Cover

Drain covers help trap hair, soap scum, and other debris from going down the drains. There are several types of covers to choose from, and an expert in drain cleaning in Carlsbad, CA, can help you with this. Once the cover is in place, it is crucial to constantly remove the trapped hair so it won’t accumulate and hinder water flow.

Use a Fabric Softener Sheet

Take a fabric softener sheet and place it over the drain before showering. The sheet will help trap all hair and dirt and allow water to trickle down. This technique is also effective on the bathroom sink during shaving.

Schedule Routine Drain Cleaning

Even if your drains are flowing smoothly, it pays to enlist professional drain cleaning services now and then to flush out gunk buildup that hair can latch on. It also allows you to catch underlying issues early and take action before they worsen.

Count on the expert team at A.M. Plumbing & Rooter to keep your drains in tip-top shape. We only employ tried-and-tested methods, including drain snaking and hydro jetting, to ensure no less than excellent results. We will help you do away with the nasty clogs and advise on the best preventive measure. Give your drains a fresh start by scheduling an appointment today.

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